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Thread: Msn Messenger 6.1 Makes My Computer Crash

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    Let's start from the beginning.
    Some months ago, msn messenger worked fine, with msgplus! installed on it.

    Than my motherboard got wasted so my computer went back to the store.
    They installed a new motherboard etc. but had to format my c-drive. Luckly, my harddisk has three partitions. So the D-drive (with my files) and the E-drive (with a lot of programs, like msgplus&#33 were saved.

    After that, i started installing all my old programs that were on the C-drive.

    So i installed msn messenger 6.1. When i tried to open it for the first time, my computer crashed.
    Ofcourse i tried it again, same result: my computer restarted. (with diskcontrol)

    I uninstalled windows messenger and msn messenger, i reinstalled msn m. same prob.
    I installed latest version of direct x, same result

    I'm getting mad

    ps: maybe it's because i dont read the license agreements anymore. lol

    Shut up, i know my english is bad!

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    i downloaded the updates from windows. Do i have to reinstall msn msg? or just try to open it?

    edit: those didnt help either.

    and i get an error message: 'microsoft windows' without details everytime my computer starts up.

    Shut up, i know my english is bad!

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    look in your event viewer for any clues of why it will not run. I you find some useful info there go to ;kbhowto]Microsoft Support and see if you can find info on it there.

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    Why not just bump the thread below?


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