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Thread: Acrobat Reader 5.5

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    could ne1 direct me to smewhere i can get it? my v6 is fu*kin wit me.
    google came up wit LOADS of crap! pls help me find it

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    real helpful guys. the response times were amazing!
    i found it neways

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    lol, wtf do you think we do , sit on our computers 24/7 just waiting for users to post question, just so we can answer them , get a life, we answer posts when we get time :helpsmile: :helpsmile: :helpsmile:

    :rtfm: :rtfm:

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    dont wanna start nething but i never seen u helpin ne1 out newhere. so try doin smetin helpful instead of cussin. n a smilie says the same as a bunch of em so stop spammin


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