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Thread: Time Travelers - Does They Exist?

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    I recently got on a Forum about people claiming they
    were Time Travelers...

    And I don't know what to think about it -
    on the one side if I could travel through time I could
    easily make things unhappen so that I would not leave
    any traces. But on the other side - I don't know...

    Maybe just some crazy ppl, but as I am opened if this
    maybe true then oh holy shit, - shit happens - not egypts
    built up the pyramids, just some frunny freaks from 23-04-4223
    or so... I am really confused a little...

    What do you think, completely shit or true?

    If there is any here on the board who traveled through time
    come on post here I am opened.

    I wanna hear your story...

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    I found this and if the guy is truely from future that may really concern
    us all so, make peace everyone!!! No war!!!!!

    Originally posted by vinividivicious

    i sorry late reply.* yes world destroy.* self-war in us.* govt. scared, books, internet gone.* word hard find.* language simplify.* wordeng/talkeng almost complete new language.
    after i read posts about clockwork orange, found word, not vision i checked out from wordrental.* i not read yet.* i read, respond again then.

    So what should I do? Maybe travel 10000000 year in future...
    and settle on a new planet or stay in space, better staying in starship
    in space...

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    Ask him if he has anything for sore shoulders

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    London, so fuck y'all
    Have you got any Deep Heat cream etc? That's good for it

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    I do. but I can't reach the sore spot and Marc isn't around :'(

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    sounds like a script fpr xfiles or something

    This is so entertaining

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    Ok, here is the funniest thing:

    Krypton42: I got your e-mail. Who told you?
    Dragonball03: nobody i did a random emailing
    Krypton42: Yeah but you said something cryptically that very few people know.
    Krypton42: Are you ******* with me? Only 4 people know about their existence
    Dragonball03: no, what did I say??
    Krypton42: You tell me before I disclose.
    Are you a government agent? or any other law enforcement personnel?
    Dragonball03: no sir I am not
    Krypton42: any relationship with ANY local state or federal agency?
    Dragonball03: no
    Krypton42: I need an affirmative statement to that affect
    Dragonball03: i do not believe i sent you my full ife story, i am serious, I need your help
    Krypton42: Just as I thought, another g-man trying to foil my research. Well, Mr. Government Agent it ain't gonna work this time. I am not going back to Jail. And you can tell that to Mr. Morgan too. Have a good day!
    Krypton42: Do you work for the Chinsese Gov't?
    Dragonball03: honest to god, i am not a government I am serious, I will be glad to prove it any way i can
    Dragonball03: name a way though
    Krypton42: How far are you from Roswell?
    Dragonball03: I am from Burlington MA
    Krypton42: My "lab" is outside of Roswell, NM. Can't disclose anymore details till I verify your security level
    Dragonball03: I simply need the safest and most effective possible way of returning to my younger 4 year old self permanently with my current mind/memory so that I can prevent the evil beings from messing with my entire life and health again. They have messed with my life and health in the worst possible way you can imagine, and now I
    Dragonball03: am dying of CJD. I hope you might be able to help me with the type of time travel I speak of, be it a consciousness transfer with either the brain snapshot device, the carbon copy replica model # 52 4350 series, the diamond imprint method, or the dimensional warp, or temporal reversion
    Krypton42: Are you familiar with the Orlando refractory incident?
    Dragonball03: i cannot say i am
    Krypton42: Something you should know. The "powers that be" are trying to suppress this incident. If you do you homework, it will provide you some clues. I don't know who you are, so |I cannot say much
    Dragonball03: yes I understand, But I truly hope to work with you, I really am serious, and need your help
    Krypton42: Do you homework and you will figure out who I am.
    Space travel does exist. The speed in nano-seconds can circumvent and inhibit the time process. If used properly, our studies of alien crafts reveal a past that lies in the future. Events that "have" occurred, but yet to occur on the orb known as earth. Very telling work
    Dragonball03: The universe as we know it follows a pattern. The pattern can be explained
    as such: A butterfly flaps his wings in Austraila, and a Hurricaine hits the Gulf of Mexico.
    The makers of our universe, have a set of rules that our universe follow. Everything is made up of energy,
    Dragonball03: there is a system for how that energy flows, is created and used. Our universe can be compared to a huge video game, everything in it was created by "universe programmers". Our perception of reality is exactly what
    is told to us via our sensual input devices... (senses). This "god code" is everywhere.
    Dragonball03: There had been a lot of papers written over the years about a possible pattern within the mathematical code 3.14... During this I uncovered something amazing, a pattern. It was being created with an extremely complex algorhythm for chaos simulation. Taken to infinitum it could produce patterns! After several more months of crunching code, I discovered something surreal. I had discovered another entire language! A
    Dragonball03: language that was written with four bits instead of our binary two computer bits. This code operated in three dimensions accounting for not only X, and Y, but also Z space!
    Krypton42: What frequency modulator are you using?
    Dragonball03: Inlet in this code is a new language with entire programs. Just like a computer program! with the ability to outline genes, gravity, light raytraycing, and it was all computed in real time! All that we know to exsist, can be broken down to a simple pattern that few beings can create, edit
    Dragonball03: even delete. All on Gods hard drive! I have been in contact with these beings!
    Dragonball03: no this is one who I have been into contact with that could edit the code
    Krypton42: I think the gov't just tapped my line (again!) I gotta run

    I have been in contact with these beings!

    F*ck, I told the guy not to tell anyone that get in touch with me.
    Now it is officiall or seems to be - ok, I am in Earth Orbit for some years
    watching the nice looking blue earth. And although humans are so sad and
    violent, sharing makes even us aliens happy ;)

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    Ok, and that beats it finally up- thanks evil I had to laugh, don't want to
    hurt this guy - so what kind of technologiy do you nee - we have the possibilty
    of travel through time and we are opened ! Just ask for
    or sha're@KaZaA and come visiting us and enjoy your stay on my starship around
    blueeeee earth

    Originally posted by desperate human

    Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 11:41:12 -0700
    From: ()
    Subject: Time Travelers PLEASE HELP! 14993 If you are a time traveler or alien and or in procession of alien
    or government technology I need your help! My case is truly
    genuine! I seek to work with someone who is of a kind nature,
    someone I can call my savior as well as a friend. My life has been severely tampered with and cursed by evil beings!!
    I have suffered tremendously and am now dying! I need to be able to: Travel back in time. Rewind my life including my age back to 4.
    I am in great danger and need this immediately!
    I want to work with you in any way possible. I am aware of two types of time travel one in physical form and
    the other in energy form where a snapshot of your brain is taken using
    either the dimensional warp or the brain snapshot device and then sends your
    consciousness back through time to part with your younger self. I'm almost
    certain the dimensional warp would be the safest and best
    solution. Please explain how safe and what your method involves. I have a time machine now, but it has limited abilities and is
    useless without a vortex. If you can provide information on how to create
    vortex generator or where I can get some of the blue or red glowing moon
    crystals this would also be helpful. I am however concerned with the high
    level of
    radiation these crystals give off, if you could provide a shielding this
    would be
    helpful. I believe the vortex would have to be east-west polarized,
    North-south polarized vortexes are used for cross-dimensional time
    travel only. Also, I know about the three dimension 4 bit (CODE) our
    universe is written in. If you are one of the very few beings who can edit
    this code, or know the passwords which can be spoken over a vortex, please
    reply! If you have this technology and can help me please
    send me a (SEPARATE) email to: Thanks 5/26/2002 Here's an email.* It was submitted by
    * (galactic@) on Sunday, May 26, 2002 at 19:33:36
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- x: i --------------------------------------------------------------------------

    I am one of the aliens - we are looking similar to humans and are opened -
    hehe... but I will have to check your safety - you might be RIAA and we don't
    want RIAA give all the passwords No truely... That whole
    thinkg is difficult to explain you can come visit me on my starship around earth,
    really - and you to Skweeky, Samsam and the others we should make a time
    travel party and destroy RIAA on it roots and make Audiogalaxy and K-Lite and
    SoulSeek ruling the scene!!!!!!!

    I really had to laugh, thanks anyone for these laugh sessions

    Laughing is good for health.

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    DanB's Avatar Smoke weed everyday
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    Jun 2003
    London, so fuck y'all
    Its a very weird forum

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    Originally posted by danb@26 February 2004 - 18:18
    Its a very weird forum
    EVENMOREPLUSUPDATE!:  He needs "a new DWG unit, preferably the
    rechargable AMD wrist watch model...with 512GB of SRAM."  Full details
    here c/o the ever-lovin' Mustang Matt.  (Aug 10
    AMD? You are using AMD technology, that is totally crap - I did not wonder
    why your present life is so shitty. Shit happens. Don't use AMD, use K-Lite
    K++ Explorer T234 - That is the best and you can even share your thoughts
    through time That is better and you can enjoy life.


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