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Thread: Pc To Hi-fi

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    what is the best to conect my pc so when i play cd's ther come though ny hi-fi nice and clear, ive tryed doing it once, buy connecting a led from the audio out put on my sound card to the aux on my hi-fi, but it was very quit, i had to turn my hi-fi right up so i could here it, needles to say it didnt sound very good
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    use an adaptor that converts regular 3.5mm headphone jack into those two red and white stero plgus and hook up the 3.5mm to the sound card and the red and white into the stereo.

    you may have had such quiet sound becuase the volume on the compuetr is turned down, double click the volume icon on your taskbar and turn up the master volume and wave and cd player to full. then you can control it from your stereo.

    edit: here is a picture of teh wire i mean to use:


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