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Thread: Stuck On Splinter Cell

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    I am playing the oil rig level on splinter cell and ive gottten all the way up to where u have to chase him without having to be sneaky after ur boss tells u to get the briefcase. I followed him into the room where there are two doors when u go to the one on the right its locked and then to room catches on fire so u have to get to the other door. once u get in there where all the pipes are to the right and to the left takes u right back to the entrance to that room. I cant figure out how to get through that room. ive looked at the strategy guide and it said to grab the pipe on the ceiling but im not seeing this pipe and i cant figure anything else out. i saved my game in that room and so i cant try to pick the lock and i dont figure there is enough time to do that ne way. i need some help. is there anyone who knows how to get past this room to get to the technician?

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    Ive already read that guide and all it says is to grab the pipe on the ceiling and that doesnt say much and i cant figure it out.

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    is it really THAT hard??? i finished that game on hard in like 2 days tops. Simply walk around until you find something you can step on on, then jump up to grab the pipe, fold up in the pipe, then crawl through the window...


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