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Thread: Easy Cd Creator 5

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    I downloaded a copy of ECDC 5, but when i went to install it, I was prompted for a registration code.
    Is there anybody out there willing to share their registration code with me?!?

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    why not search for a key generator or a key itself should only take a minute to d/l

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    where do i go to find a key generator?

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    Open Kazaa---go to search---click software---type in software product---
    click search---take your pick!

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    the easy cd creator 5 that i downloaded had a serial .txt included check urs or just go to or get serials 2000

    ps dont forget to get the update from the roxio site

    pss when i installed it it came up with an engine failure ..dont uninstall just go to the roxio site and search the forums u will find a link to engforce.exe .. it fixes it so it works ..i had to download ecdc 5 twice because i deleted it thinkin it was something wrong with the zip file ..stupid me


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