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Thread: Help With Imaging And Using Alcohol 120

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    when i opened the .rar with winrar it all extracted ok, there are several .r# ex. .r30, .r31......then there are three different files a .cue , .bin , and a .sfv.........
    the .cue is only 78 bytes, the .bin is 697 MB and the .sfv is 1 kb......i imaged both the .bin and the .cue on the cd because i thought that the .cue just decoded the .bin and told it what to do.......i heard that the .cue is all i need on the cd but it doesn't seem to make sence.

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    also, as the topic implies, even if i try to use alchahol to burn the diablo 2 lod expansion cd. but, when i use the burned cd, it say please insert your d2 lod expansion cd. what gives?


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