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Thread: Hardrive Question?

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    Hey. as some of you might no i am complete newb, and i was just wondering after u download somting and delete later, can some 1 find out what you downloaded and how do u permenatly delete somting so now 1 could ever find out? Just for privacy reasons.

    Thank you

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    yes data is left on the drive, until somethign else writes over it. there are progrms that write 0's to all the free space so it can never be recoverd again

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    there are many different things you could do but to cover your tracks you could use a program called Evidence Eliminator

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    Ok, so is ther like a free/trial version cause, i don't wana by it cause i dont download that much, i was just wondering thank any way

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    im sure you could find a crack for it on klite somewhere...

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    Every 1 for helping me

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    Just get eraser off of I have used a lot of these and I am satisfied with this the most and its free. No trial no restrictions just free.

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    just format every 3 months and if ur worried about the fbi or something just take a magnet to it when they rush ur house!
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    i went to this site but i could find where to download, how to u download an eraser program

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    If you want to erase the whole hard disk you could use something like killdisk.

    You might have more help in Softwareworld so i'll move this there and still leave the link in hardwareworld too.

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