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Thread: Windows Update

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    Does the Windows Update that supposedly downloads updates while your not even on the Microsoft site, does it really work? Does it really download all the critical updates you need for your system?

    If you get the updates from the Microsoft site, do you sometimes install updates that you didn't need?

    What is the best option?

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    I'd rather do it manually

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    anything you get with the auto downloader is a critical file and need to be installed,

    other noncritical updates can only be done by visiting the update site and choosing to download them

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    Windows Update can be configured in one of three manners. To look for, download and install all updates at specified times and days. Or to merely download updates and then notify you when complete so that you can install them manually. Or lastly, just to notify you when updates are available so that you can download and install them yourself entirely at your own whim. My personal preference.

    Or you can just choose to disable the damn feature entirely and count on yourself remembering to check Microsoft of your accord every now and then. Not the safest choice in my opinion.

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    Originally posted by Izagaia@27 February 2004 - 16:01
    Not the safest choice in my opinion.
    The safest choice would be not using Windows.


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