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Thread: How The Hell Do You Add Subtitles?

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    can anyone give me a simple explanation on how to put subs into a movie? I have all the english subs with the what? If you don't like to type, you could post a link to a easy to understand tutorial of some sort.

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    If you're just trying to display the subtitles, make sure the filenames are the same except the file-extension (example: topgun.avi, [or *.sub, *.smi, *.idx]) and make sure both files are in the same directory. Then, (if VobSub is installed) the subtitles will be displayed automatically in most players when you play the movie. If it does not work, BS-Player can manually open the sub-file with the movie file.

    But if you want permanent subtitles (without the extra file(s)):;20


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