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Thread: I Cant Find This Damn Album....

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    I dont know if anyone here is really into anime music, but does anyone have the following album:

    "The Orchestral Works of Neon Genesis Evangelion"

    The cover for this CD is a pretty basic red cover, but I'll post it anyway.


    And Back:

    Well, I've checked everywhere....and I cant find it.

    Could anyone help me out?

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    I did honestly have a lttle look for it mate earlier.No go thou sorry mate,you could try requesting at digital -update forum.They have an anim music section.

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    unless its included in a discographical file (ive seen a rarfile of supposedly all NGE albums), theres no results in emule. When was it released? If its new, it might be a while before it gets on the network. If its old, then its prob rare, or none existent.

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    Hey mate hows it going,i havent been around the emule section for a while ,to be on honest mate i cant stand readiing in there any more.

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    I know....its like its almost impossible to get....its the only Eva album I need to complete the Eva CD collection I have.....

    I had a torrent that had all the Eva CDs in one package, but I've lost the torrent, plus the torrent didnt download completely. I've searched for that torrent and couldnt find it.

    Thanks for the support.

    The link to register at
    doesnt seem to that normal or is that just me?

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    Ugh....I cant register at da feckkin' site.

    "404-Page not found"
    WTF is this coming up for?!?

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    The link and forum seems to work fine for me mate.

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    I guess that settles it.

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