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Thread: Xp Firewall Help

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    ive searched through the guides, and no-one seems to have the same problem as me, so can someone please offer some advice

    im getting ok speeds using abc, but im only on a 56k dial-up. i seem to be uploading far too much in relation to downloading. i like to share (its the essence of all p2p), but is it normal to only ever get a 2kbs download rate?

    also, ive heard that xp firewall can slow your downloads horribly, i know how to turn it off (control panel, network connections, advanced, disable) but im using aol 8.0 (not through bloody choice&#33 and i cant right click on the connection to check the advanced tabs. it says aol 8.0, pleasse dont disconnect this, and is always listed as disconnected, regardless of if im on the internet or not. is there any wat to correct this, and at least check my firewall status? if any one else has had this problem with aol, can they please tell me how they managed to get around it?

    cheers in advance for any replies, it will be really appreciated
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    im 56k

    i still get 5-6kbs when FW is on

    only thing i think the FW dose is slow down the responce time from the server
    (coz the data has to pass through the FW software)

    dont have much effect on the speed

    if u are downloading while uploading

    u should get a decrease


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