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Thread: Bittorrent

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    I have never downloaded anything from it but it is definitely the first place episodes reach alongside IRC. I am currently downloading Series 3 episode 1 of Six Feet Under. Just wondered if anybody here makes their contribution to the network by sharing files they recieve from here, I know most of the TV episodes originate from BitTorrent.
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    I use bittorrent everyday =) Along with dc++ and k-lite, emule gets one once in a while as well.

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    what is it?

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    I use it all the time for the latest animes. I share on there and KL. I also get screeners and other movies on there from time to time also.

    Some links to get movies and such on it: (about finding BT links)
    For Anime:

    Well, that's all I have.

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    This Is Site has LOADS OF LINKS to Bittorrent Sites.
    Bittorrent Sites

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    I use since about 30 minutes.

    edit to add: Of course i will share the files on Fasttrack when I got my first.

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    I started using it today-its fantastic! Of course i'm stilling running kl as well!!

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    I downloaded the installer but it didn't work.

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    I just did the same.
    I think you also need to dl the mandrake file and install it.
    I may be wrong but when I installed the bittorrent file it just said instalation complete.
    So I double clicked on the mandrake, it installed? and began downloading/uploading a file immediately.
    The size is 1950.3mb. maybe this is the actuall program?

    It is dl'ing at an average of 80kB/sec and ul'ing at 7-8 kB/sec.
    I have about 8 hours till it is done and can find out unless someone can tell me what it is doing first
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    When it pops up "installation complete" straight away the first time that is it! Then just find some bit torrent links and click. A small info window just pops up as you download and thats all there is to know the program is running.

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