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Thread: Problems With Connections

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    i havent been using the mirc for too long, and have it all set up correctly as per the excellent guide. i just been having a few problems i cant find answers to in the guides. firstly, do you launch mirc urself, or is it better to launch via what your downloading (ie if i launch mirc and connect myself, i find theres no useful channels to connect too, am i doing something wrong? ie im downloading the diamond version of return of the king at the mo, for which im using #dc-warez channel, but why cant i find this without directing myself from the downloads on ircspy?

    also, can someone explain to me waht ping pong means. i probably get 12-15 of these messages. should i be doing something?

    and also, if i connect from ircspy downloads, it always says nickname already registered, and prompts me for a password. if i then enter mine, it says user recognized, but then whenever i type a command, it says im not on a channel. is this normal, or have i set something up wrong? i thought i had registered my user name etc all okay?

    any help would be great, id appreciate it, i guess helping newbies out all day tends to piss some of you more advanced users off, but would be grateful for any suggestions-its still all quite new and confusing to me at the mo

    cheers again
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    i&#39;d like to see some answer for these q&#39;s also, they is good q&#39;s
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