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Thread: Copy All And Paste < Is That It

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    when i d/l a link from this site i normally just click on the file i want but,

    sometime i see a file like the one below

    Length:505535072 Bytes,493687KB

    do i just copy the whole thing and paste it to my sig2dat or
    do i copy just part of the above and if so which one

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    Copy the whole thing in Sig2Dat and restart Kazaa Lite.

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    He&#39;s probably never coming back here again. :rtfm: , you see how great this guy is. :-)


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    he&#39;ll be back... well maybe

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    Click on the link in my sig that will help ya out save me typing it all out

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    Click Here&#33; It&#39;s the same link in Chilly&#39;s sig.

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    Originally posted by Shinigami@6 March 2003 - 16:58
    Click Here&#33; It&#39;s the same link in Chilly&#39;s sig.
    Ok, then why post it? Shinigami going crazy?

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    naw, just going hungry. My mom has the car and i&#39;m waiting for her to come back with some food ^_^ >_<


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