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Thread: Emule Lite Pro

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    is there any way having too many dls on at the same time could slow down overall speed or on the contrary would it raise it, as i would expect as a student in statistics?
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    More downloads increases overhead, but if you're not downloading on max speed that doesn't matter, so you'll download faster.

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    True but I wouldn't worry about overhead too much. After all you are paying for the connection.
    Make your files the smallest possible to share. If you don't you how I recomend DR. DivX. It will do it for you. We don't want to have to dl that 2.5 gig sh*t for a movie or 2 SVCD's. SMALLEST FORMAT ALWAYS!!!!!!

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    I think your encouraged to have a few downloads one the go at once (even if it is just so at least one file will be download at any time). I read somewhere that having too many puts strain on the servers though...

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    Yes, each download produces overhead wich also goes through the servers, but servers won't ban you for it unless you're downloading an insane lot at the same time.

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    When you start downloading a file, eMule will ask the server for sources, so staring a bunch of downloads at the same time will estrain the servers.
    But once you're downloading you'll get sources from other eMule clients you're connected to, so no server strain there...

    Having many downloads running at the same time will increasy total download speed, however the files will have to be different from one another. If you're downloading 7 episodes of one tv-show in the same season, most sources for that file will be the same, since you'll only be able to queue up for one download at one source, you're not dramatically increasing the number of sources here. But if you would choose different sorts of files, you'dd get alll different sources and that should help.

    uploading also helps...


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