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Thread: Free Kazaa Gold Premium!

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    yea, that email would redirect everything...
    Hilarious though!

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    Originally posted by Chilly@7 March 2003 - 03:13
    You mean to say you brought this?

    I think we should all Bombbard her with emails (Email [email protected] )

    Or send them down a ton of Viruses
    hell naw, I didn't buy it. That's the ironic part, they sent me a link to their most expensive software.

    They could have put more security into the link - anyone can download the software:


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    Originally posted by The_Great_Dude@7 March 2003 - 02:18
    I think that email just redirects to other emails.
    Has anyone sent a mail to see if you get a reply?

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    If you really thought about it, anyone could have DL'ed the Premium. I mean, the name is so simple and common sense is all thats needed to get it.

    @Chilly: If you send an email, you get an automated reply. There are about 3 automated replys lol

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    Thats a pity, could of posted the a nice LITTLE GOODY BAG if ya no what i mean

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    How about we share this file? That way even if they change the file location or security people can still get it.

    Edit: Typo

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    Has anyone installed/used this.."gold" version? Is it just a gold-coloured skin pasted over K-Lite? Funny though..the "how K-Gold is one over the rest" script

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    That's actually a good idea Nobody. Infect Fastrack with the install of Kazaa Gold.

    Chances are people actually search for it before they pay for it.

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    It has been added to my shared folder.

    And here is the hash for it:

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    Cant you change the file name to somthing like KazaaGold is a CON, and

    then go to Edit Preferences and explain why?

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