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Thread: Where Do I Get Dreamcast Torrents?

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    I'm looking for DreamCast games. Where would I find good torrents (or ftp/http links) for them. I tried Suprnova but I'm looking for a bigger selection.

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    I noticed this got moved to the second page where no one will see itand I really would appreciate a reply. Can some one please give me a reccommendation?

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    suprnova is the best I have seen for DC torrents
    and it didn't get moved it got pushed back because no one replyed
    /pity reply

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    lol poor dreamcast, didnt it go the way of the beta video recorder, i got stuck with a dreamcast for xmas 3 years ago and sold it 6 months later, i saw what was comming and got out b4 the ship sank

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    its pretty good system and could have competed with ps2 :/
    I play a few bass fishing games and crazy taxi
    it has some awesome rpg's like shemue, should have kept it all free to download and boot form normal cdr


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