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Thread: Need Some Emulator Reccomendations....

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    I know there's a shitload of emulators out there for various systems, but whats the best emulator for each system and where can I get them? I cant make up my mind of which one to get....a lot of them seem promising, and I've tried out some of them, but when I play a rom in one of my emulators, the sound and picture are all screwy.
    So, can anyone reccomend me some emulators?
    Also, I cant find this Sega C.D.\Sega Master System\32X Emulator called "Gens" I believe...could anyone help me out on that one too???

    Thanks a lot!

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    780 will answer all your questions.

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    Sega Genesis: Gens

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    Aww crap, I just wrote all this then refreshed the page to see that ^ post. I should've just gave the simple answer.

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