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Thread: Sorting Results

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    Hello to the assembly
    This is a great piece of software, I found it faster and easyer than many P2P I have tried!
    Just one thing is a little annoying with v242; the search result column sorting by Album, bandwith or Length, don't seems to work. Unless there is a tweak or a tip that somehow I missed, although I have not seen any post related to this.
    Otherwise the whole soft is awesome.

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    there seems to be buggs with that.

    right now we have klite 2.4.4 or

    klite 2.6(test build, based on the new kmd2.6)

    you can find them here if you like

    as for the column my test 2.6 is working fine.

    try sorting by the tab next to the one you want first then try the one you want


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