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Thread: Clean Limewire Review...

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    Clean Limewire's quote.
    Found from nostalgia.

    With this distribution of LimeWire, you won't have any annoying advertisements or spyware programs to worry about!

    No spyware, trojans, or viruses
    No advertisements
    Bleeding edge core LimeWire components
    LimeWire setup window during first launch for optimum performance
    Small installer size (Clean LimeWire=2.1 MBs vs Official LimeWire=3.8 MBs)
    Clean, friendly installation
    No registry entries
    Simple uninstaller included
    Fully compatible with official LimeWire release.
    Tested for compatibility within the new Windows XP operating system
    Fixed several bugs: German install compatability (includes other countries now, too), improved LimeWire execution, corrected desktop icon, failure of LW to minimize to system tray, & more.
    You sure its spyware/adware free?
    Any testers?

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    Just added my comments in your pinned topic, but I shall answer here as well: Just finished testing with Ad-Aware 6 and Spybot 1.2 and The Cleaner Pro. Found nothing so i'd say it is clean.
    It is a p2p Gnutella client. Can be fast can be slow, all depending on your own speed and that from the other side. Like the GUI although it is a bit 'busy'. If you like the Gnutella network then ther's nothing wrong using this version, but as I have said before, this version is becoming rather old (but works).
    Oh btw, my own website (Dutch) contains links to spyware-/adwarefree clients. Therefore I knew about Clean Limewire.

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    Thank you for finding this and I will post it in my thread thanks.
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