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Thread: A Good Free Dvd Burner Software?

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    does anyone know any good free dvd program can be used to copy dvd even if the dvd is copyrighted?

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    DVD X-Copy (but it's not free). It's also illegal now, I believe, but you should still be able to find it on Bitt/eMule/IRC etc...
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    no 4th it is still legall, they can't have the ripper in it anymore, that part of it is illegal

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    dvd shrink
    dvd decypher

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    here is all you need. The presettings should be good enough so you don't have to change them. Fairuse Dvd Ripper = free
    Make your files the smallest possible to share. If you don't you how I recomend DR. DivX. It will do it for you. We don't want to have to dl that 2.5 gig sh*t for a movie or 2 SVCD's. SMALLEST FORMAT ALWAYS!!!!!!


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