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Thread: Svcd And Cvd Burning On Nero

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    Hi, I've been reading all the guides to converting to and burning in these formats but I am confused. The files I have are AVI's 3 of them, (ROTK) They are all about 700mb. So rather than convert them to DVD and use up 3 DVD discs I thought ok put them on SVCD. Great so I convert the first to SVCD and it increases to 1300mb. Ok I read it would do that so I thought use the HD Burn in Nero 6 cos my DVD burner supports HD Burn, BUT when I go to HD Video on Nero it opens up a window as though I was burning DVD's With Audio.ts and Video.TS folders. What do I do? I've tried looking on the Ahead website for HD guides but I can't see any.

    One more thing, Is it possible to put more than one SVCD on a dvd disc or has it got to be on a CD?

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    Your trying to put 3 svcds into a dvd disc right? Then pick to burn svcd and add all the mpegs. Or better yet combine all the avi's and then convert to mpeg then burn as svcd
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