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Thread: I Found Sea Dogs!

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    I was all excited that i found it on emule , i had been looking for the game in stores and online for oh the last year or so .I'm really into pirate games ,Anyways i get the whole shebang , i've got the game up and running...... and wouldn't you know the game sucks majorly, the on sea ship graphics are alright , but the towns suck a fatty because there almost all designed alike and you feel like your running around in a cardboard maze , not to mention the charcter control in the town mode is just a pain .The worst part is if you want to go into the town from the ocean , you have to click sail to land , then you have to hit another button which cut sceens you CLOSER to the town but not in it , and THEN you have to hit the land button , would have been nice if they had just stolen the one click to town idea from cuthroats ,the dueling sequences are also very very dull with them taking place inside the enemy ships captains cabin (it would have been cooler duleing on deck with your men and cannons going off around you ) . If you want to become a merchant forget about it unless you like making ten thousand trips back and forth , its not that the cargo holds in the ships can't hold enough , merely the town stores dont suppy enough you can get ships with a hold of up to 1400 about 3 hours into game play but if you bought everything in the store excluding cannon ammo you'd STILL have space left over and those are the level 5 ships (level 1 and 2 ships can hold like 5 times that cargo amount ). One of the more unfortunate sides that they did take from cutthroats the game , if any of you have played cutthroats you will remeber that dude that always go "SHIPS AHOY CAPIAN!" same thing different wording in this game . So to make a long story short the sailing part is ALRIGHT but the town part , each town has the SAME things , store , tavern, shipright ,governers mansion , nothing unique in any of them .What a let down , and to think i was going to buy sea dogs 2 the day it came out on march 15th , nah this has made me reconsider now .

    anyways i guess the main point of all this is that its very easy to find the games your looking for but can't find here on emule.

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    Sounds like you had alot of fun

    But ended up very dissapointed

    If you like your games why not try Classic Games

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    eh home of the underdogs is better , sure the games maybe eons old but i dunno sometimes there fun. you all should try it , heres the link


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