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Thread: W32.hllp.handy Virus

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    I know I am a newbie, but even I know to virus check and delete files!

    It seams that too many people are either sloppy or dont know the basics. I have had sooooooo many viruses like W32Pinfi and W32HLLP.Handy.

    The handy virus it seems is specific to Kazaa and is pretty rife.

    If I can protect myself and download updates, remove all copies of the program and so on, surely so can others..

    Just a moan but an important point I think.

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    Strange how people have problems with viruses.

    I've never had W32HLLP.Handy, nor have I downloaded anything with it.

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    The problem is not everyone is going to do it, so viruses are always out there.

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    I got some chernoybel or something virus before that said it only infected win98 users but i had xp

    Elisha Is My Wife, DONT TOUCH! (LP FAN - Fort Minor Sucks BTW) oh and forgot i use the alias NoX here.. lol

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    I have downloaded several files with The W32.hllp.handy virus, but it is always picked up and deleted by my Nortons Anti virus's auto protect while its still in .dat form. It's out there, but I don't have to worry about it B)

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    This virus is pretty hard to stop.
    It goes around to and infect other files in your share folder.
    I got infected with had virus a long time ago. I had to restart my whole computer.
    Now I got Norton AntiVirus 2003 Pro which delete it automatically so it doesn't spread
    into my computer but I don't know what the virus does. It didn't effect my computer at all.

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    People should also remember to keep their AV programs updated. I am willing to bet many people get hosed because, even though they do regular scans, they don't update their lists on a regular basis or at all.

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    This is in File Sharing

    I hope your not sharing this file for us or gonna post a hash

    Anti-Virus its a must have while downloading on Kazaa.

    I use Norton and its a God send, has protected

    me MANY MANY times.

    Viruses dont just affect you they affect eveyone that you share with.

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    nuff said,
    people on kazaa without av nh....


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