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Thread: Tmpgenc Dvd Problem

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    I followed Adster's pinned tutorial about burning MPEG2>DVD. However, everytime I open TMPGenc DVD author and go to add the MPEG files I want to encode to DVD, DVD Author crashes. Also, when I was putting the 4 MPEG files into 1 directory earlier, my WinExplorer would crash all the time too. I've watched the whole movie (SVCD) on my comp without problems so I don't think the files are corrupted, any ideas why this is happening/solutions?? Thanks kindly

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    Just started using tmpgenc author myself, only done 2 films, no problems with those. Where did you get it from? Have you tried reinstalling it? What I have found with it is though, you have to have the correct size for the dvd, 352x288, 352x576 or 720x576 or it dont work. I used 720x576 and had no problems. youe probs may lie there! What are you using to convert from avi to mpeg? I am having a few probs there, tmpgenc works fine for two films then i get no sound, mainconcept mpeg encoder works for a while 3 or 4 films then i get probs there too, uninstall and reinstall then ok again. I have heard of canopus pro coder but cant find a copy.


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