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Thread: Quite The Noob Question...

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    Ok, this is probably stupid, yet its annoying the hell out of me. My favorite music player is Media Jukebox (shown here), yet no working cr@ck/seri@l exists for it, so does anyone know of any other music player that looks maybe exactly like this (i just love the format more/less), or a cr@ck / seri@l that actually works?

    ...........and in a completely unrelated topic, my damn version of the paris hilton pr0n has a bunch of fools in the background. Is this how its supposed to be, 'cause if it is......

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    Maybe you should try Winamp...its wayyyyyy better....

    But if you're looking for a crack ot serial, we're not allowed to discuss that here.
    But...I can reccomend a program that looks for cracks called "CrackSearcher".

    About the Paris Hilton thing, I have no idea....

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    Have you searched Google or Astalavista, my friend?

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    What version? I got 40 hits with crack searcher. I don,t think I can post crack searcher site
    but will PM you if you can,t find with Google

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    A handy site is


    Direct links are not allowed
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    I found many cr@cks in various sites, yet if they "work", media jukebox will still say unregistered, then go away after 5 seconds (it wont say anything, it&#39;ll just disappear, as if i closed it.)

    EDIT = through cracksearcher, I found a cr@ck that patched it, so that it NOW says that it&#39;s registered, yet it&#39;s the same as before = it&#39;ll stay up for 5 seconds, then completely disappear from the screen .

    Also, any paris hilton info ?

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    Originally posted by February 2004 - 20:42

    is that allowed??
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    i like musicmatch jukebox. its real easy to find cracks&#092;serials for it. i love the layout, the top was the play&#092;stop etc. buttons and volume, and the bottom is the music library which organizes your music in any way you want. i like to have it organized by artists. plus the program looks very professional and neat and has all teh features such as playlist, dj, burn a cd, portable music player, skins etc.

    can be found here. if u want a crack or serial for it PM me and i will email you it.

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    Originally posted by February 2004 - 19:42

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