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Thread: Will My Grand Grand Grand......grandchildren Be

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    I was just thinking.....
    In Belgium - as in most countries, I think - children get the last name from their father.
    So as long as you have male children, no problem.
    If you have no, or only female children however, that will be the end of your family tree branch, right?
    So, in the future, there will be less and less different last names....
    Eventually, there will be only one left!!!!
    Everyone will be having the same last name!
    And because the Chinese outnumber us all, it's very likely that this name will be a Chinese one.
    Don't recall exactly, but I think it was Wong, or Wang or something.
    So your descendants WILL be called Wong!!! (or something similar)
    You're probably thinking "WTF?" right now, and I don't blame you.
    It's just that conversations here tonight were so utterly lame, that my mind wandered, and got stuck on this exact topic.
    Thought I'd share it with you.

    My madness is your madness now.

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    I think you're Wong, no I mean wrong.

    I'm completely unwilling to devote the thought it would take to figure out why you're wrong, however.

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    I think it's Chang, am gonna have a look for a chinese yellow pages


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