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    Can anyone tell me a good software of copying games or least a good website for getting cracks that actually work. i tried nero for copying but it didn't work. i tried game copy world website for cracks but they didn't work. Any suggestions?

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    You can't reqest cracks or websites with cracks here so im pritty sure this going to be locked quickly. But to answer your question i use Nero to copy games and it works fine. The problems are that pc's reconsie that its not the orignal cd once you go to play them so all you need is a no cd crack. Just stick with nero and i can't tell you wherre to find cracks cause its against the rules.

    Next time name your topic with something better and not some stupid pointless name otherwise people arn't going to help you.



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    CloneCD was the best 1:1 copier of its time, but had since been discontinued. Look around and I bet you can find a copy.

    Alcohol 120% can do some pretty good 1:1 copying and image making too, search google for that.

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