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Thread: Spyware In Flashget

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    I asked the developers of the Cleaner about FlashGet spyware :

    After the last update of THE CLEANER , i found Istbar on my pc.Is located on the FlashGet folder.I put the item in quarantine but FlashGet doesn't really work like before.



    I assume it is this file?

    O {A5366673-E8CA-11D3-9CD9-0090271D075B}: Jccatch.dll - FlashGet

    FlashGet is a very dodgy bit of software. It is riddled with spyware - 9 different entries in your Registry, for a start. Favorite is the old Aureate/Radiate spy module which not only loads FlashGet with advertising, but also reports on you transparently.

    Also have a look here in:

    Programs that are suspected to be infected with spy-ware.

    You will find FlashGet in there too.

    Hope this helps.
    Site Admin & Main developer

    Yep, it is full of adware and spyware. Definitely not a false positive.

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    Great, so I switch from DAP to Flashget because DAP has adware and here it comes again Flashget has spyware. Now who were the people in all those threads complaining about DAP and supporting flashget.
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    Is this for the free trial or does it still have it for "registered" users?

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    For everybody, i have the full registered version, right now i&#39;m switching to Net Transport

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    I think I&#39;ll switch to that too... Do you have a link to the cleaner too &#39;cause I wanna get rid of the spyware if just uninstalling the program wont work

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    Download X-Cleaner Free is a litlle free utility that detect more then ad-aware & SpyBot.

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    Any of you tried wget?

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    i was luvin this till u came n spoiled it all up 4 me :&#39;( :
    dont matter thou. got firefox n im mighty impressed with it. its got the download manager so it dont matter if my dumb dialup connection goes wacko
    but if u turn up wit sme thing worth while, pls post it.
    10x dude

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