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Thread: Question About Kazaa

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    why is it when people download off me from my ftp my connection slows down?
    it takes like 1min to load when it usually takes .01secs when im not uploading to anyone.

    same thing when im serving on mirc, my connection gets real show but the person downloading off me gets full speed ( i know there hogging my speed but...)
    when ppl download files from me on kazaa my connection is full strength...and they transfer at the same speeds as people do on my ftp and mirc...and google loads as fast as it normally would...

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    It might seem strange to hear that your upload speed can directly affect your download speed, but it can, and quite dramatically. The reason behind it is based on the way the Internet works. When you download a file (or in this case, a HTML file), your computer sends a tiny message back to the source computer, called an ACKnowledgement packet. These ACK packets tell the source computer that chunk #1 has arrived OK, please send #2. When #2 is down, it sends another, and so on. The source computer will not send #3 until it gets the ACK from #2. It uses a small amount of your upload bandwidth to do this.

    The problem lies with the fact that you upload *so much* that the ACK's do not get sent out fast enough, which slows your download. The simplest way to solve this is to limit your upload bandwidth. 80% of the maximum is usually recommended, but I find I can set it to 90% with no adverse effects. This gives your ACKs a bit of breathing space to get out with.

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