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Thread: Virtual Makeover

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    hi im tring to get an virtual makeover program for my wife. the only one i can find is cosmopolitan that i got off of bt , but she keeps getting errors from the program. can anyone tell me the names of programs like it or were to get off of on BT,the only site i can find it on is, well its the only one i know . THANK YOU for any help you can give me

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    What exactly do you mean with "virtual makeover program"?

    are you talking about windows interface?
    or ....."vitual make up" for your wife
    dont understand?

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    im sorry what i mean i guess its a program thats lets her change her hair, eyes and so on .you know somthing thats going to let her upload her picture into the the computer and change things about her . i know its a little supid but she wants somthing like that . i did find one called cosmopolitan virtual makeover, just not a working one. so i figure i should at least be able to find another program at least like it if i cant get a good copy of that one thanks

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    This one?

    Word of advice tell her you love her just the way she is . Then buy her a red wig

    Unless this is really for you POOKIE nudge nudge wink wink


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