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Thread: Download Warning

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    Just a warning about a certain download.Do not download windows office xp with the user name earbiscuits.It not a real file it will mess with your computer.

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    I would not download from anybody named earbiscuits.

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    what kind of stuff? anything that'll damage beyond repair?
    lol cuz i was about to download it cuz i need office for my assignments

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    i downloaded xp in december and went from WinMe to Xp.
    what a pile of toss it was i had no interface with any of my drivers and i couldnt get my graphics card to work. dunno if it was because it was a downloaded copy or that was just xp. but it only spent 15 mins on my machine then i took it off again. it messed my machine up aswell but i had a winme restore disk so yey i was ok.

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    Ya, xp needed new hardware for the most part, like as of when it came out.

    Some legacy stuff was aok, but alot of stuff was incompatible, thats why it has the option to check your system BEFORE hand... .

    BTW... its far better then winme if u got the muscle to push it.

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    yeah im running a p4 1.8gig, 512mb and a 60gig hd. its a very nice looking os but i went looking in the right places and now my winMe looks exactaly the same as xp......i might have a look at project long horn when it comes out and see if the bugs have been addressed

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    No quite sure what damage it's supposed to do i run xp and d/l office xp months ago works perfectly no probs whatsoever dispite being from earbiscuits dodgy name

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    Whoa ive had that sitting in my folder for a while but havent opened it yet. thanks for the heads-up

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    I also downloaded office xp from artist earbiscuits and it works absolutly fine..been using it for months with no problems at sure it werent just another file you downloaded thats fukked ya pc up??

    me and a mate both have this file running on ours pc's and it works like a charm

    p.s i use windows xp

    fuck Derby County

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    Thats all very well saying you got it from earbiscuits,loads of ppl have it now and i cant pinpoint wich file ur was talking about. its probly 1 of the very few that works. if you could post the sig2 hash that would be exelent. pweeeeeeeeese?

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