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Thread: Is It Possible

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    well, my C drive(32gb) is FAT32 n so is my E drive(8gb) which is a partition. my D drive(different disk) is NTFS. wat i wants to do is get rid of my E drive so tat ill b left wit on C n D n my C will have all the 40gigs so is it possible to do tis without partition?
    if so pls tell me how!
    thanx ppl
    edit: made it a lil clearer

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    What you are asking is about merging two partitions. Yes it cane be done. I believe your 8gb partition is FAT32 as well?

    There are many softwares available that will let you do this easily. The best of them, IMO, PowerQuest Partition Magic. Use Emule/Edonkey/Overnet/BT/any p2p, to download the full version.
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    I use partition magic for merging/ partioning, it can do this without loss of data, so try it


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