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    Someone fill me in on why people use bin instead of iso to transfer files. Isos are alot smaller, right? Are isos more prone to errors or what? I think I can shave close to 100 megs off of a 700-750 file saved bin format. _coded

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    Nero vs. Roxio, depends on the user that creates it. I agree that iso's are smaller and no cue files are needed. The only problem with bin files are that if any modification were made to the cue sheet you will end up with a coaster. Always check the cue w/ notepad to make sure the file paths are the same.
    I have used both products and it just depends what you are use to or in most cases what the person started with.
    If you have a bin file and use roxio, the program 'bin to iso' is a must; its on kazaa;
    you dont need any cue sheet, the program will convert the bin to an iso image, then you can use roxio to burn the image.
    You can also use WinIso to convert bin to iso or vis versa.

    hope this helped,

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    I think skelley has the most disturbing avatar Ive ever seen!!!

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    What is a Bin and what exactly is a Iso?

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    Good question FC , there like image files that have been taken straight off a CD and contain all the data for the original disc that is wht they are so big.... that didnt make much sense

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    Originally posted by FuNkY CaPrIcOrN@7 March 2003 - 11:51
    What is a Bin and what exactly is a Iso?
    what u dont know what r iso and bin???


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