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Thread: Tmpg

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    hi, im encoding an avi file (its a movie) and when it gets to 29% an error message is displayed saying 'index in scan line is out of range (256)'. can someone explain what that means please

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    Have you scan it for bad frames before you started ? - repair avi's OR - Video-Fixer what it say's

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    ok, i got the videofixer, i put the movie thru videofixer and there were corrupt frames, so i fixed those and then restarted the encoding process thru tmpg, but still at 29% same error message 'index of scan line is out of range(256)'

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    Have you tried fixit it thru VirtualDub?

    get Vdub here -

    load video
    goto - Video-scan video for errors

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    what realy annoys me about all these fix tools is they only fix the vid part of the file while leaving the audio untouched, this often results in audio being out of sync after fix, as most of them just chop the bad frames out

    Is there any program that handles this differently, i know if the file was raw avi, i could do it in premiere, bu premiere dont handle divx as input avi so ya cant load it

    any suggestions

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    I use videofixer, seems to be the best after divfix and v-dub


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