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Thread: Sicko's Part Iii

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    Sicko's Part II is getting a bit lenghty so for all of you that what to know how to fight back against this sickness read on. For those people that want to bury their heads in the sand and hope it goes away on it's own please go somewhere else.

    Option One
    If when I search through what someone's sharing and I find one or two files of kiddie porn, I put the files in order by clicking the 'Title' tag and I take a screen shot, this gives me a reference to refer back to in Option Two. I then use SJ's method of finding their IP address and then use to get all the other information available. After saving all this information to file I send them this polite message:-

    'We have viewed the files available on you computer and have discovered you have files referring to child pornography. These file(s) are (I enter the file names here). It maybe that you are unaware of these file descriptions, as the files may have been mistakenly renamed. We have made a record of you IP address (IP address here) and of your ISP (ISP here). You have 24 hours to rectify this situation, if after that time we find you still have this material on your computer we will take further legal action against you with the help of the police forces.

    Internet controller 2439

    Note: this usually does the trick, if the person in question thinks the message originates from a large organisation they tend to take notice. The few messages I've received back suggests they didn't know and that the files are wrongly named. If this doesn't work though I go onto Option Two.

    Option Two
    Same start as Option One, but the polite message is somewhat different. If its someone from Option One who still has kiddie porn on their computer or someone who has amassed a collection I take the same approach. Once I have all of the information needed, i.e. IP address, ISP, time in time zone format (i.e. GMT), date, screen shot, details of internet abuse. I email the lot to this address:-

    What they do:- 'The Internet Watch Foundation works in partnership with ISPs, Telcos, Mobile Operators, Software Providers, Police and Government, to minimise the availability of illegal Internet content particularly child abuse images. Our Internet Hotline can deal with reports of potentially illegal Internet content, such as websites, newsgroups and online groups that:

    * Contain images of child abuse, anywhere in the world.
    * Contain adult material that potentially breaches the Obscene Publications Act in the UK.
    * Contain criminally racist material in the UK.'

    A very good site well worth a look.

    After forwarding this information to them I then send the paedophile a polite message:-

    'Having viewed the files available on you computer I have discovered you have child pornography. This is your IP address (IP address here) and this is your ISP (ISP here). I have forwarded this information along with a screen shot showing your illegal collection to The Internet Watch Foundation this organisation works in connection with the police force. I sincerely hope the medical treatment you so badly need is available in whatever prison you end up in.'

    It doesn't matter if this message gets through to them or not as the IWF and police will.

    This is SuperJudes™ method.
    SJ I've edited it slightly as I didn't want to advertise the file names to look for.

    Pick a username that appears a couple times. Click the "find more from same user" option and look through their shared folder. I then try and see if maybe the person has all legit stuff and may have gotten a bad file. 4 or more though and you are FLAGGED! So I pick a file that is nor kiddie porn related (they always have 1 it seems) and open my Dat_View tool. Double click the upper left "folder" icon. A box appears and you go to your shared folder, where your dat files would be. Click "okay" and you will see the dat files pop up in the window. Right click and check the "advanced info" box. At the bottom of Dat_View their IP will pop up. I then copy it into my "scumbags" text document, their username and IP#. Then I go to neotrace and try to see if I can locate them.

    So then, once I have the IP# and have established that the person knowingly has a lot of kiddie porn, I send my tactfull message.

    After that I make sure I don't get any "cannot send message" warning and I know it went through. Now I have the active IP#, a screenshot of their account, and their Kazaa username, which helps not at all, but hopefully what I have done is scared the crap out of somebody, and yes I might just send all these IP#'s into the FBI. This takes a lot out of me looking at the names of these files. It is just so sad and horrible it really does make me want to cry or really hurt somebody. These are children after all, the thing most sacred in this world.

    So there it is, how to mess with the minds of the morons, for those interested.

    Useful Websites

    The number one site for reporting, Thanks to SuperJude™

    For getting information about an IP address, scroll to the bottom and enter the IP address in the box to the left of IP Whois

    Regional Internet Registries are:

    APNIC, for Asia and the Pacific region

    ARIN, for North America and parts of Africa

    LACNIC, for South America and Mexico

    RIPE NCC, for Europe, Russia, Middle East and parts of Africa

    If you want to report this crime in the UK go here

    If you have anything to report, this is the site to do it in the U.S.

    Links to websites where you can report these sicko's:

    Child abuse is half way down

    Country selection for help and information

    Zeropaid's Wall of Shame Page

    This page contains some usefull URL's.

    Official homepage in Austria from the police to report childporn:

    This one is a service from the austrian ISPs where you can report anonymously.

    I would like to thank everyone who has submitted URL addresses from both the Sicko's and Sicko's Part II threads. I'd also like to thank everyone who has supported this fight with constructive suggestions and advice.

    And a BIG THANKS goes out to SuperJude™

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    Why warn these people?. You are giving them a chance to escape by giving them time to remove that stuff from there PC & try to cover thier tracks. They would get one helluva shock if the police suddenly of the blue turned up at there door. They would literaly CRAP themsevles.

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    i think is a good way to go, if you speak dutch: they explicitly say in the faq that you may send them stuff from filesharing programs...
    ( )
    if i ever find a bastard sharing that stuff, i'll make sure meldpunt knows about it...
    (but i'm not actively looking for it)

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    Originally posted by Grim@7 March 2003 - 14:34
    Why warn these people?. You are giving them a chance to escape by giving them time to remove that stuff from there PC & try to cover thier tracks. They would get one helluva shock if the police suddenly of the blue turned up at there door. They would literaly CRAP themsevles.
    This has already been discussed, it's down to the each person whether or not to warn them, some prefer to some don't.

    As long as your helping I don't mind.

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    This might be somewhat long to read, but bear with me.

    Woke up today as usual, bit too late, made some coffee and started going through the board. Kinda like reading the news. This all is so new to me. The forum, that is.
    Anyways, what i found was, diditinaminute posted a thread: Reporting Child Pornography, reporting child pornography:
    "Hello -I am somewhat new to Kaza so I am sorry if this question has been already answered. I accidentally stumbled on some child pornography. The artist and user was listed....they are blantantly describing their files.
    Is there a way to report this? Is there already somebody tracking these artists and users - I am sure IP addresses can be obtained ????? I want to report to the authorities but thought I would first post this to the forum and see if others are also reporting this shit...."
    and I posted:
    "There has been some talk about it but i cant find the post/topic where that happened.
    Maybe the other guys will respond. There is ppl here who is against child porno.
    ME included."
    People should not feel sorry, about asking questions, answered or not and specially concerning childporn etc.
    Then tracydani and Leech_Killer posted them links to Sicko pt II and here, Sicko pt III.
    Been using most of today reading them, following links, thinking.

    I think I gotta do something about KP spreading.
    Instructions are there, thanks for SJ, Leech_Killer, N£MO + all the rest of ppl whom i cant remember right now... still thinking though, as im angry on the sickos who spread material of molesting, raping, childrens...

    Angry as hell.


    thought this thread should rise again
    maybe this should be pinned
    Spoiler: Show

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    Nothing to add to whats been said that i havnt already said in the other sicko thread.Except good work leech killer and thanks for bringing this to everyones attention.

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    Parts 1 and 2 of this subject certainly ran long making me think it was all very worthwhile, but I may just keep topping this thread here because leechkiller pretty much laid it all out for people.

    I will add though that there ARE things people can do by obtaining an IP# that may not be so honorable and glamorous as reporting these people, but do what you have to. I know I was told in pm by a certain person of power at this board not the mention these things, but since I said nothing specific about how to screw somebody whos IP you have obtained, then no harm done right?

    Once again, Leech_Killer you are the man! Were it not for your original thread I never would have seen just how much this issue needed to be addressed.

    "We Love You SuperJude!"- the fans

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    I would also like to add my thanks and appreciation for doing all this work. I am sure there are people who dissagree, but thats their own thoughts and should be respected - even if we consider it "putting head in sand syndrome".

    Good work guys and im sure UKMan would join in if he were here - but as i have taken over his role allow me to be his "messenger".


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    i will devote 4 to 5 hours each to clean the network of these people.

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    I send them a message using Direct Advertiser. Spammers use this to send popup messages that look like error messages, but you can put whatever you want in the box. Click Here to download Direct Advertiser, a program demo to let you send messages to specific IP's. This method doesn't always work (if they have a firewall), but when it does I think it sends a clearer message that they need to stop downloading and sharing child pornography. Give it a try and let me know what you think. You need to type the ip in on the left hand side.

    Who is your daddy and what does he do?

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