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Thread: Burning Dvd

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    ok i thought id sorted out how to burn my downloads to dvd. ive got my tmpgenc &tmpgenc dvd author so my mpegs and avi files are sorted!!
    but my downloads which are .bin & .cue files are causing probs.,
    ok ive got nero 6 and i want to burn my bin/cue files to dvd i know how to get the cue file ready to burn the problem is it will only let me put one file in and i need to put both in (i.e cd1&cd2) how can i do this please someone help!!!!! :helpsmile: :helpsmile:
    if i cant do this through nero is there any other software to do it or is there any way of joining them so they are 1 file or even converting them to mpeg???
    pse i jus wanna put em on a dvd all as onwe one full movie.
    cheers in advance

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    vcdgear can convert bin/cue to mpeg

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    ok managed to get that n converted to mpg- when i tried to load into tmpgenc dvd author it wont let me saying 'the video sequence header is incorrect'
    any ideas wot this means n how to get around it??


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