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Thread: Little Personal Worx

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    Marcus Rex
    If you wanna see fragmentz of my personal fantasy, check thiz link:

    Fellow Art - my personal works

    Ladiez might get a little frusty from thiz...

    I'm a newbie, so pleaze accept these kind regards from humble me to all'a'ya...

  2. The Drawing Room   -   #2
    some of them would make a great tattoo...

    reminds me of some art stuff I saw in Heavy Metal mag

  3. The Drawing Room   -   #3
    yer i like some of then. I wish i could draw

  4. The Drawing Room   -   #4
    summerlinda's Avatar Pyretta¤Blaze
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    Dec 2002
    The Netherlands
    Now why would I get frusty over these? I have bigger tits anyway [J/K]

    Nice work really!


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