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Thread: Improvement Klite++?

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    I just wonder..
    I read lately I can download files from multiple users.
    Would it be possible, to 'broadcast' my file to multiple users?
    This way, network balast is way less.

    For instance, I had a nice hollyday on the beach with some friends. I recorded on video, made a compilation of it, and put it on the net.

    In stead of all my friends downloading the moviefile separated, couldn't (if 2 friends are online at the same time) they download it together, causing me only to upload the file once? (or maybe an increase of 30% upload due to network data corrections&stuff...)
    (It might be that uploading to multiple users will be slower, but it at least uses less down/upload volume).

    It would also be possible then, to pick up fragments of a file I'd for instance would like to download, that is being uploaded to another user. If then, my bandwith is fast enough, I could save some time.

    What about this idea? Has it allready been integrated in Kazaa?

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    Just a thought about this topic...

    THere is one disadvantage though (I think)

    That the uploaded file's speed would be equal to the lowest downloadspeed, or the user with the lowest bandwith downloading the same file.
    So definaltely there must be some sort of 'standard' in uploadspeed, like you got the phonelines uploading at 7Kb/s; and the ISDN&ADSL 16Kbps; ADSL/Cable@32Kbps etc...etc...

    Disadvantage would also be that a cable-user would be able to upload any file, but a user on a telephone-connection, would only be able to pick up fragments of a file as fast as his/her telephoneline could handle.
    This would seem little unfair.

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    It's technically impossible.


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