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Thread: Coying Games?

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    Hi, i was wondering if any one knows if there is a software outthere that can make back up copies of xbox games, (on regular CD-R) and so that u dont need to mod ur xbox to play them, and how do u no if ur xbox is modded. (MIne is a north amrican one and it playes PAL movies)

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    You can't. XBox games are in GB (GigaBytes) CD's and CDR is in MB (Mega Bytes) which is impossible.

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    if you bought it new it is not modded. I you bought it used, i cant help you there. Also the only way to play bcak up games is through dvd copies and modding of the xbox.

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    you need a dvd writer drive to burn the xbox game because as kazaaboy said they are in gigabytes (4gb i think) and cd-r's are only 700mb. wont fit on, even if it did you would need to buy a modchip and solder it onto your xbox to make it read the burnt discs.

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