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Thread: Norton Anti Virus

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    This just started - NAV2003 won't start anymore when I turn on my computer. The program says e-mailscanning and auto-protect are "not running" - when I click "enable" (both on the "main" and "option" screen) , nothing happens . WTF ?

    XP pro Sp1 , legit subscription

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    But the task manager and msconfig list it as "running". VERY wtf ?

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    I've had this happen a few times, here's what I did. I went into my NAV settings and made sure Enable Auto-Protect and Start NAV When WINDOWS starts were both checked. Then restart your computer. If that doesn't work, try unchecking those 2 options, restarting, then rechecking those 2 options and restarting.

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    If I go into my settings , "enable auto-protect" is unchecked. I check it , press "OK" , press "options" again (just to be sure) , and find it unchecked again - every bloody time.

    Plus, I've already restarted 3 times , without effect.

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    I had the same problem I let it fix itself then upgraded to 2004.

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    it happened to me after i did a Intelligent Updater, direct from symantec, it stuffed up the auto updater

    easy fixed by uninstalling norton and reinstalling, you will need to update it again, but you wont need to do the reg thing again, just the first serial number

    i think its a bug, and i couldnt get a work around from symantec, so reinstall was best option

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    mine didnt work at all so i unstalled the program restarted the pc and installed it again then it worked

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    So if I reinstall...

    - Do I have to redownload all my virus definitions ?
    - Where do I find the serial number ?
    - Any way of saving it without reinstall ?
    - My subscription will stay valid , right ?

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    Update : fixed , for now. Turns out auto-protect was somehow set to manual start.

    I don't understand it either , but hey , if it works it's good enough for me


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