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Thread: Outlook Express

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    Hi pple,
    I"m about to Re-Format hard disk, so want to save my outlook express files!!! can help me???

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    C:&#092;Documents and Settings&#092;<Your name>&#092;local settings? (my XP is not in english)&#092;Application Data&#092;Identities&#092;blablabla&#092;Microsoft&#092;Outlook Express

    The folders are hidden.

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    I ammuse that you mean settings..

    File ---&#62; Import / Export

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    do what NightStalker said and export your mail setting and then you can import them to the new one. You can also export your address book. Then go to the folder that Ragnar said and copy the stuff in that folder. That will copy your email messages. Once you format your new computer and have configured outlook express, then copy the stuff back to the new Identity and your mail will be back. Then just import your address book.

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    thanks guys for ur helps, now I&#39;m done andd it rockzz....
    my com is faster than b4 after formatting

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    Still on topic .. to an extent and saves me starting a new topic.

    Anyone able to tell me how to export all mail and address book from thunderbird mail client please? .. am also about to format (haven&#39;t done in over a year so it&#39;ll do me good) and theres no file>export ... .


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    I&#39;d like to know that too


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