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Thread: V Confused On The Versions Of Kazaa, So Pls Help

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    I presently have Clean KMD v2.4.4.

    There are so many releases of KazaaLite-like programmes under so many names that I am very confused. And since the post on the best-to-download KLite has been still since last year,

    Therefore the following questions:

    1. Which is the latest present stable build of KazaaLite-like programme?

    2. Which is the latest test build of KLite-like programme?

    3. Which is the best KLite programme to date?

    Thanks in adv.

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    lol well it all depends i guess.

    the last offcial klitekpp is 2.4.3.

    there is a klite 2.4.4 not official. tho but i think its more updated then yours.

    kazaa lite resurrection(klr) has pickedup where klite left off.

    klr is upt o version 2.5.0 and that is the one i recommend you to get.

    there is a k-lite 2.6 that is in works and will becoming out soon, unlike all the above. its based on the new kmd 2.6 and will have multiple tabed search. magnet link support and etc.

    you can find them all and more info on them here, under fasttrack section


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