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Thread: Dvd To Kvcd-the Complete Guide

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    DVD to KVCD-The Complete Guide

    All I have done is edited my other guide which you can get here :

    Iíve made this as simple as possible so here it goes.

    Some of this information I got from muchspl2 but the rest is mine.

    Hope this helps some people.

    If any of the pictures aren't clear just click on them.

    You will need:

    CD Writer
    DVD Decrypter (download from
    DVD 2 AVI (download from
    Tmpgenc (download from
    KVCD Template-I reckon 120 minutes is the best quality-Download from itís best to save this on the desktop for easy access.
    Nero 5 must be this one. You can download it from:

    The Seriel Number is:


    No serial posting, review the rules.

    Step One:

    Get all of the above

    Step 2:

    Insert the DVD you wish to convert into your drive and load up DVD Decrypter which should look like this:

    Image Resized

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    wow , thats alot of tools. can't wait for the day when we can download an
    all-in-one app. and i don't mean acp :'(


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