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Thread: Anyone Have A Kingwin Mobile Rack?

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    Heres what I got: Kingwin KF-201DF, its a IDE interface LCD Mobile rack for my computer
    I have two of these for two different computers, and the two harddrives I have are a Maxtor and an IBM. I can't get the Maxtor one to work because I can't find jumper settings for it. The instruction manual only lists instructions for an IBM and a Seagate (why they only list settings for the 2 brands is beyond me). Does anyone know the jumper settings for a Maxtor harddrive (to be set as "master")?

    Thanks for any help!

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    i checked my maxtor drives. both are the same configuration for the jumpers which is:

    both have 2 jumpers on it and there are 10 pins set up like this:

    with the drives logo facing up and me looking straight at the jumpers, one jumper is across pins 1 and 6. the otehr jumper is across pins 4 and 5.

    so its set like this: (p=pin, J=jumper)

    hope that works for you! btw, i beleive that i got the config for the drives from somewhere on teh website under the documentation for my drive as neither of mine came with a manual. and these are the setups for master btw, not sure about slave.

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    Thanks for the reply, but the mobile rack (in addition to regular jumper hookups) have 4 switches on the back (which I'm told are jumper switches) to quickly change the jumper settings. Those are the switch settings I am looking for.

    Thanks for taking a look though!


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