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Thread: Just Another Antivirus Topic.

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    I somehow arrived on the website and read that bitdefender v7 is the best antivirus program 2004 has to offer so far.

    This is one of the things they said about it: "BitDefender received a VB100% rating in Virus Bulletin's tests, the highest honor for anti-virus software".

    Knowing I can find my backways through the internet in getting the program(as we all do),It made me think that maybe I should replace my norton antivirus 2003 professional with this so-called "great" antivirus program.

    But I wouldn't make such a move before getting some opinions from you guys!!

    Any opinion is appreciated thanks.

    p.s: NAV2003 has been good to me so far.

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    if what u got works, why change

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    Hm. I just added BitDefender Free as my on demand scanner. Think I'll go take a look at that article.. Thanks.

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    ive been using bitdefender 7.2 for awhile now, i havent had ne virii so cant really say much about what it can catch, but i have tested it with sum virii, ive tried a standard eeciar test, simple worm, enhanced worm and encryped worm. bitdefender passed all these tests. also it has frequent updates (much like all good anti virus scanners)

    one feature i do like about bd7 is tht it monitors any registry entry added, so u can deny a process to add a registry entry unless u say its ok. also has a built in firewall, but id rater stick with zap.


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