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Thread: No Sound

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    There is no sound when I download a song. Can somebody give me thing to trouble shoot on that I might be doing wrong?


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    r u playing the complete song or the incomplete .dat file? if its the second case then just wait till the download is complete and then play it

    for the first case there can be a number of possibilities :try playing other songs on ur comp see if u can hear sound or maybe the file u d/led was fake always d/l files which have many sources.

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    Maybe it's MP3Pro. You need codecs for that.

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    or it could be one of the RIAAs purposefully botched/silenced copies. read the FAQ for K++ if you are new to online music.
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    download the klite codec pack and videolan, codec pack has bs player and gspot, between the bsplayer and videolan you can play anything and the gspot you can use to see if the files are real or fake, you can also use videolan for preview your files.
    go here to add it to tools and preview menu
    look for codec pack full

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    Thanks so much for the help. I've downloaded songs from another site and had no problem with sound before. Plus what I already had on my computer is playing fine, just not what I'm downloading.

    I'll download those though thanks!

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    then those might be fakes


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