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    i have looked at some products on ebuyer. they have some funny 'contact us' thing. (enotes) so i though it would be quicker comming through you. please could you just look at this.

    i am going to buy a few products. i want to get them as soon as posibable i have posted this on various forms to help as well. alls i anted to know is that would the following products work and fit together (be compatable). one other thing will i need anything else.

    the products are as follows.








    thats it.

    could you look at the specs...

    and tell me if....

    1. the ram will be suported by the motherboard, hdd cpu etc.

    2. will the video card be nessary (will the ob video be good enough to run a os (xp,2000)

    3. will the motherboard fit (screw) on to the case.

    4. will the cpu fan and heatsink fit into the motherboard (be enough room) if not please post a link to a case that will fit it.

    thanks. then i can stop bothering you lot and buy it.

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    Most of the links are for the same product, but I think what you are interested in should be compatible with each other. As for the motherboard, it should tell you what cpu/ram is compatible and with that you should be able to insure it works. As long as you are not mixing Mac devices you should be fine.......

    Fan/Heatsink combo will work as long as it is for the cpu you puchase. It's like putting legos together as someone here said once before. Everything fits once put in place. As for the screws on the case, they can be adjusted if need be, most of the time they dont.

    How about giving the names of items you chose B)
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    i would suggest getting a larger hard drive. 40 gigs runs out fast when you download software movies games etc...
    especially if you download movies go with an 80 gig or larger.

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    i bought an 80g last year, thinking, wow, i only have 13, 80 will be amazing....

    well, broadband, direct connect, and klite filled my shit fast.... now i just bought a 180giger, lol

    so get a bigger hard drive if u plan on doing the massive storage and transfer of multimedia files, and appz, games, etc.

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    yea sory about the links ill sort it. and re post


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