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Thread: Dvd Burning Software

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    What is the best software to burn DVDs? Also, what is the best program to burn DVDs with data only (no video)

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    I use Roxio 6, but to make a one for one copy of a dvd movie i use CloneDVd

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    Nero is all i use for burning dvd's
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    Originally posted by SingaBoiy@3 March 2004 - 23:29
    Nero is all i use for burning dvd's
    Tutorial please?

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    dvd shrink makes direct copies of dvd to dvd-r ( movie only ) as long as u have nero installed

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    bump. Teach me how to burn DVDs with Nero.

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    This is another question we get asked very often. there should be a pinned topic on this.

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    put in your cd, open nero burning rom.

    at teh top it will have a dropdown list to choose a drive to use to burn, choose your drive.

    now put in a dvd and go to file>new. the first on the list should be cd-rom (iso). choose this and click new on the right.

    now you can drag files from the right side explorer window to the left side cd. then click the burn icon at the top. (ninth one over)


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